October 10th, 2014

Пампасов псто...

Хорошим тоном считается иметь собственный беспелотнег. И чем глобальней и размашистей намерения - тем лучше.
Вот и страна пампасов, Аргентина подтянулась. Или пампасы не в Аргентине?

The Sistema Aéreo Robótico Argentino (Argentine Air Robotics System: SARA) initial Technology Evaluation Model (MET 1) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) undertook its first flight, according to data published by San Martin University on 29 September.

The first flight took place in August outside of Cordoba and was piloted by an Argentine Army crew.

SARA is a project funded by the Argentine Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Security for the indigenous development of a family of UAVs, including tactical and strategic UAVs, a mobile command station, control, communications, and sensors.

Each tactical SARA will comprise three UAVs and each strategic SARA will have two larger vehicles.

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