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Летающего мяча псто...

Презабавнейший агрегат мне лента новостей показала.
The basic premise of the Fleye is simple: take all the spinny, choppy bits of a drone and encase them inside plastic grills and styrofoam, so that it's safer to fly indoors.

The main body of the drone is made of the same material you'll find inside bike helmets, and inside that is a single rotor. The air it pushes down is directed by four sets of two fins, independently controlled so that the Fleye can hover and move about the room. It's only good for about 10 minutes of flying time, but it's flying time that is less likely to end in catastrophe because all the moving parts are encased inside.
Может и ничего невероятного, но всё равно забавно. И главное - ничего крутяще-режущего не торчит наружу и не пробует порубить вам разные части тела.
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