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Композитного псто...

Не только лишь все знают, что последние годы я занимаюсь всякими высокохайтековыми композитами ( не все знают? Странно, вроде говорил ). И никак не мог пройти мимо этого творения, восхитительного в своей хайтековости и безжалостной бессмысленности.

created in collaboration with BASF, german design studio DING3000 has developed ‘concept 1865’, an e-velocipede. drawing reference from 1865 – the year when BASF was founded and when karl drais’ wooden ‘dandy horse’ was introduced to the public – the project sees the 19th century bicycle re-imagined as a modern e-bike using a selection of advanced materials. the ready-to-ride prototype features an electric drive and is made almost entirely of modern BASF plastics.

Увековечить, так сказать...

Апофеоз, всё из углепластика и разных полимеров. Даже думать боюсь, сколько стоила оснастка для изготовления этого.

Оnly the brake, axles and motor are still made of metal. 24 different polymer applications, such as bearingless all-plastic pedals made of ‘ultrason’ and puncture-proof tires made of ‘infinergy’ — a closed cell expanded thermoplastic polyurethane — are featured in the construction of the ‘concept 1865′.
the frame and the fork unit with the stem and handlebar derive their strength from a reinforced continuous-filament of carbon fiber fabrics. BASF has two different matrix polymers – epoxy and polyurethane systems – available for these composites. these new, high-strength lightweight materials are produced by resin transfer molding (RTM). in this process, fabrics of carbon fiber are laid in a heated mold. after injection of the low-viscosity reactive resin system and the ideally complete wetting of all fibers, polymerization gets underway. the component can be demolded as soon as the reaction is over.

И конечно же оно электрическое.

...integrated LEDs and inlaid optical waveguides are concealed in the forks. The seat of the concept 1865 is detachable and contains the battery for the electric drive

Дайте мне бюджет, я тоже стану лепить из композитов всякий непотрiб. Но сцуко никто не даёт...

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> Оnly the brake, axles and motor are still made of metal
Сразу вспомнился суровый русский томограф, у которого металлической была только режущая кромка сканирующего устройства, а все остальное — деревянное